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Hamburg, 1925 (more)

Dear Rochelle,

Upcoming deadline:

  • Very Short Fiction Award!
    1st place wins $1,500 and publication in Glimmer Train. Deadline: January 31
  • We invite you to submit your very short stories (maximum word count 3,000) within the next 21 days.
  • Prizes:
    1st place: $1,500 and publication
    2nd place: $500, or if published, $700
    3rd place: $300, or if published, $700
  • Reading fee is $15 per story; please, no more than three submissions per contest.
  • Open to all. Any short story that has not appeared in print, nor been accepted by a print publication, is welcome!
    Writing Guidelines
Essays in this bulletin:
Anthony Doerr: I harbor a dark twin inside. He’s a sun-starved, ropy bastard and he lives somewhere north of my heart. Every day he gets a little stronger. He’s a weed, he’s a creeper; he’s a series of thickening wires inside my skull. (more)
Kate Gale: I decided last month that I wanted to start running thirty to sixty miles/week. A simple lifestyle change. My husband had to accept that I would no longer be making coffee in the morning, and that I wanted to go to bed earlier at night. (more)
Soma Mei Sheng Frazier: Sex, death, love, pain, power; the makings of stories surround us. Content is elementary, as we live it every day. Less easy is construction: the measuring, scaffolding and hammering. (more)
Results of the October Family Matters competition

Winners and finalists have been notified, the Top 25 list is posted, and here are the Honorable Mentions. Our thanks to all of you for letting us read your stories!

  • 1st place: Soma Mei Sheng Frazier for “Everyone Is Waiting”
  • 2nd place: Eugene Cross, for “Miss Me Forever”
  • 3rd place: Sofia Ergas Groopman, for “A Body, Even”
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