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BLOG-01Like the heroine of my novel, Miriam Kaminsky in Miriam the Medium (Simon & Schuster), I too am a phone psychic living in Great Neck who inherited my psychic gift from my Russian grandmother, Sarah Shapiro. Her predictions and potions healed the family and the neighborhood.

Articles about my psychic ability have appeared in The New York Times (Lives),

Redbook, Newsweek (My Turn), The New York Times Long Island Section, The Jerusalem Post, TV Gide, a Dutch magazine, and more. (See Press for the articles.)

My clientele consists of highly functioning people who want to learn more about their relationships, careers, health, contacting someone who has departed, and also just for curiosity.

A reading officially begins from the time a person books an appointment. I keep a dream journal at my beside and wake during the night to jot down my dreams about the client or meditate on the person. (Sometimes impressions come to me even before the client has made contact.) By the time of the reading, I have specific information that I give to you that is verifiable and then you ask me questions and we go into any areas you choose. People have found my readings so helpful that most of my clients come from referrals.

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You might ask, how can a psychic be a writer? Visions and impressions arise the same way in a psychic reading as it does when you write fiction. You see things, hear things, smell them, even taste them in your imagination first. One skill feeds the other.

I teach writing at UCLA Extension.

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