Monique and Me

I was hired to do a party at Harley-Davidson Miracle Mile in Great Neck on May 20th where I was spirited away into a small dressing room set up with a table and two chairs. Here’s what I found out–biker chicks used to be abused women who sat on the backs of hogs’ bikes. Now they own the bikes and their own homes and businesses too. I read for a biker chick lawyer, a school principal, a court reporter and every other respectable career you could think of. I blew their minds and they blew mine!

4 Responses to Appearances

  1. linda g sharek says:

    Hello Rochelle Shapiro, Right this moment I am reading your book Miriam the Medium. It is exciting to find out that you are a psychic!

    Your book made me feel immediately comfortable with it…

    This is so great…Stay Well…Linda

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